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Medstar Labs, Inc.

MedStar Labs, Inc. is a Michigan based company that has been actively supporting the medical research efforts of research firms since 1992.  MedStar Labs has been providing medical laboratory services for companies such as Advanced Solutions and Osteoporosis & Arthritis Center, Inc. for many years.


An active collaboration with Advanced Solutions over the past decade has lead to a number of landmark medical breakthroughs in genetic vector therapy, which will have worldwide implications.


Such innovative breakthroughs include means to cure diabetes mellitus, successfully combat AIDS,    reverse obesity, advance survivability for heart attack and stroke victims, tailor innovative treatments strategies to manage a variety of cancers and realistically halt the aging process.


MedStar Labs, Inc.   has an exciting future planned by blending engineering and medical science to provide a variety of medical laboratory services, as well as assisting in the development of numerous medical laboratory products and medical treatment products for worldwide distribution to ultimately benefit all of the people of the world.

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